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2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-086.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-104.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-083.jpg

Title: Armadura de Sol, 2023
Dimensions: 300cm - 400cm - 250cm 
Composition: Made by fusing different yellow garments (sweaters and jackets) through rough handmade stitches.


2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-093.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-121.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-136.jpg


In “Armadura de Sol”, an ensemble of yellow collars converges to create a suspended dress that resembles a tent. This art piece, initially conceived as a sanctuary for personal solace, has evolved into a deep coping mechanism, offering a safe space where to cope with emotions. The suspended dress, gives a comforting warmth, thanks to its variety of yellow textiles that symbolize positive emotions.

ºThis artwork transcends its physical form, becoming a conduit for positive energy and emotional resonance. Visitors are invited to engage with the artwork on a personal level by placing their heads through openings, immersing themselves in an experiential journey. This interactive element transforms the piece into more than a visual spectacle; it becomes a portal for individuals to delve into uplifting tales and connect with the

artist’s emotional narrative.

Armadura de Sol not only serves as a testament to the transformative power of art but also reflects my understanding of the human experience. By intertwining the symbolic elements of the suspended dress, the radiant yellow collars, and the immersive openings, the artwork becomes an expression of hope, resilience, and the capacity for positive transformation amid life’s challenges.

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