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2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-015.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-012.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-033.jpg

Title: War Hits All, 2023
Dimensions: 103cm - 103cm - 103cm 
Composition: Made with 65 sniper gloves from the DDR and the German Military.


2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-035.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-064.jpg
2023.10 Alex Ahug Obras Estudio-013.jpg



This artwork reflects on war’s intricate effects, transcending borders and urging viewers to explore the hidden consequences of conflict in our world.

As the narrative unfolds, it intensifies, showcasing how the impact of war reaches everyone globally. The installation challenges the illusion of protective distance, guiding visitors around a space with a hanging rounded sculpture composed of military gloves.

Interaction triggers movement, creating a dynamic experience. The pendulum movement effect makes viewers involuntary participants, reflecting the reactions we take with external conflict—whether you avoid the impact of the sculpture once it comes near you, or decide to change its course or make it stop. Each way of reacting represents how we stand in conflict. The choice of military gloves symbolizes the cyclical repetition of history. This poignant representation underscores the interconnection of past, present, and future. ‘WAR HITS ALL’ offers a unique perspective on the far-reaching impact of conflict, prompting reflection.

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