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Title: Can’t get enough of you, Hug Station #12, 2023
Dimensions: 72cm x 141cm
Composition: 14 sleeves and two red gloves sewn on a handmade blanket, attached to a clothesline. All worn and lived in.

Title: A Tender Yellow Touch, Hug Station #6, 2022
Dimensions: 88cm x 129cm
Composition: This work is composed of a sleeve of 6 different jackets, shirts and sweaters and a blanket. All of them used and lived.

Title: Neuanfang, Hug Station #10, 2023
Dimensions: 93cm x 125cm

Composition: 5 sleeves and a green glove sewn on a handmade blanket, all attached to a bar and a metal ring. All used and lived in.

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