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A textile sculpture is born through upcycling: a response to an increasingly divided and strained society that focuses on highlighting differences, rather than on unified understanding and strength. The work is composed of textile pieces that have the ability to assemble and connect, to create a single textile sculpture that unites and intertwines what is normally separated. The work is a superskin that houses a five-headed, ten-legged and two-armed superbeing, brought to life by five intertwined bodies.  The superbeing is created through the embrace of the performers, an entity that appears before us as a symbol of union, understanding, compassion, humanity, balance and harmony, as a reminder that we all form and depend on the same world; under the same sky, the same shelter, or the same embrace.

Coat for 5 □ Foto Secundaria 17.jpg
Coat for 5 □ Foto Secundaria 1.jpg
Coat for 5 □ Foto de Detalle.jpg

Title: Status Elector, 2020
Dimensions: 47cm - 89cm // Oversize size

Composition: Made by fusing different garments (sweaters and jackets) through rough handmade stitches.


Coat for 5 □ Foto Secundaria 4.jpg
Coat for 5 □ Foto Secundaria 11.jpg
Coat for 5 □ Foto Secundaria 22.jpg
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